'This is lunacy!': Conservative says red state Republicans will revolt if Trump takes land for wall
Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC/Screenshot

While most of the focus on the opposition to President Donald Trump's proposed border wall has focused on Democrats, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said that even if Trump prevails he'll run into problems with red state Republican voters.

Namely, Rubin said, diverting funds from disaster relief and using eminent domain to take property along the wall for a border are likely to be deeply problematic issues with Republicans in states like Texas and Arizona.

"Understand how crazy this is," said Rubin. "He is taking money from hurricane victims in Texas to use that money to forcibly take land from other people in Texas who don't want a wall, who don't have a border crossing, to save face with Sean Hannity. That's what's going on. And I kinda think there have to be some Republicans out there who think 'Stop the madness.' This is lunacy! And we're going to get our heads handed to us."

Watch below.