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‘This is lunacy!’: Conservative says red state Republicans will revolt if Trump takes land for wall



While most of the focus on the opposition to President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall has focused on Democrats, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said that even if Trump prevails he’ll run into problems with red state Republican voters.

Namely, Rubin said, diverting funds from disaster relief and using eminent domain to take property along the wall for a border are likely to be deeply problematic issues with Republicans in states like Texas and Arizona.


“Understand how crazy this is,” said Rubin. “He is taking money from hurricane victims in Texas to use that money to forcibly take land from other people in Texas who don’t want a wall, who don’t have a border crossing, to save face with Sean Hannity. That’s what’s going on. And I kinda think there have to be some Republicans out there who think ‘Stop the madness.’ This is lunacy! And we’re going to get our heads handed to us.”

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‘Another hoax’: Trump whines and rambles about Supreme Court and New York in latest meeting



After spending most of the day whining on Twitter, President Donald Trump spoke to the press from the White House Thursday afternoon to call questions about his taxes and financial documents a "witch hunt."

Trump has used the term to reference the Russia scandal, the Ukraine scandal, cases against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, his friend Roger Stone and any other topics he chooses on any given day.

"Do you have a reaction to the Supreme Court rulings today?" asked a reporter that sounded like CNN's Kaitlan Collins.

"The rulings we're basically starting all over again," Trump said. "This is a political witch-hunt... it's a witch-hunt, it's a hoax, just like the Mueller investigation... this is purely political..."

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White House says a lot of Americans are having that elective surgery they’ve been putting off since the pandemic



The White House is refusing to accept the fact that hospitalizations in coronavirus hotspot cities are spiking and ICU beds in many areas are near or over-capacity.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Thursday that the increase in hospitalizations across the country are due to "elective surgeries," and not COVID-19 patients fighting for their lives.

NBC News' Peter Alexander, noting that hospitalizations are up 50% asked McEnany, "How could the president say the country is in good shape right now?"

"Hospitalizations in a lot of these hospitals," McEnany replied, "about 10 to 40% are COVID, so a lot of hospitalizations aren't pertaining to COVID."

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Updated species extinction list signals ‘urgent action needed to save life on earth’



More than one in four of the 120,372 plant and animal species assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature are at risk of extinction.

The U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity warned Thursday of the "urgent action needed to save life on Earth" in response to a new global assessment revealing that nearly 27% of over 120,000 analyzed plant and animal species are now threatened with extinction.

"At this point it's a matter of political will to rapidly move away from fossil fuels, stamp out the wildlife trade, and overhaul the toxic ways we produce food."—Tierra Curry, CBD

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