Marine base was 'hotbed of KKK activity' leading to fight where black Marines were arrested and Klansman 'quietly transferred'

A California Marine base was a "hotbed" of KKK activity in the 1970s, a situation that became "an open secret that was tolerated or aided by Marine Corps brass," according to a new podcast called "Free the Pendleton 14."

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Klansman's activities prompted a group of black Marines to seek out a confrontation but they "wound up in the wrong room, where white Marines were drinking beers."

Seven white Marines who were socializing were "attacked with clubs, knives and screwdrivers."

Six of the white Marines were hospitalized for their injuries and 15 black Marines were detained. Of those, 13 were later charged and jailed.

The Marine brass decided to act after the fight—taking 16 Klansmen into protective custody so they could be "quietly transferred to other bases."

None faces any repercussions.

The whole story is told in the new podcast. An interview with the creator is embedded below or go here to listen to the episodes.