Meghan McCain says she will quit The View if 'father figure' Joe Biden runs for president -- but won't vote for 'liberal'
The View's Meghan McCain appears on CNN's Van Jones Show/Screenshot

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden pushed back against Democrats who are angry that he may have cost the party a House seat by praising an embattled House Republican in a tight Michigan House race.

Biden accepted a standard speaking fee of $200,000 to speak to what was stated to be a "Republican-leaning" crowd and lavished praise on Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI).

Biden refused to endorse Upton's Democratic opponent when asked. Upton ended up prevailing by a razor-thin half-point margin.

Biden pushed back with a mocking apology for "liking Republicans."

Meghan McCain, the conservative co-host of The View, was asked about Biden's possible candidacy by CNN host Van Jones on Saturday.

She said that Biden has been like a "father figure" to her.

"If he runs for president I quit 'The View,' because I can't talk bad about him," McCain said.

However, Biden will not be able to count on the actual votes of people like McCain if he is running against President Donald Trump.

"I'm still a conservative," McCain, a second-generation heiress whose mother comes from one of Arizona's wealthiest families told Jones. "My principles have not gone out the window."

Trump will not get her vote, McCain said, but neither will Biden unless he runs as a very moderate candidate.

"If he goes full-left socialist it's not something I could get on-board with," McCain said. "I'm not a liberal."


Meghan McCain claimed she was joking via Twitter.

Watch the segment below.