Melania Trump hates criticism so much she's suing over anything she deems unfair: report
Melania Trump (Screen Capture)

While the press often criticizes those in the public eye, First Lady Melania Trump is not sitting idly by while headlines speculate about her life. In a report, The Washington Post explained how Trump has taken "unprecedented " action against the media in her role as the first lady.

"But there’s one thing that no first lady — until Melania Trump — has done in response to wildly negative and untruthful stories: Sued a publication," the report said.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump's spokeswoman said that Trump does not want lies swirling around about her life.

“Her reasoning is pretty simple — she won’t stand for people printing lies about her,” Grisham told The Post. “It’s irresponsible and reckless, and media outlets should be held accountable when they choose profit over the truth.”

So far, the first lady has won settlements against three publications A British outlet The Telegraph issued a statement of apology to Trump. In 2016, she won a settlement with the Daily Mail. She also won a settlement against a Maryland blogger.

Trump's attorney, Charles Harder said she, "will continue to enforce her rights against reckless writers, reporters, editors and publishers who make false statements about her."

However, some media experts warned against Trump going after the media.

“Every first lady came to this role, I’m sure, expecting there would be a certain level of scrutiny, and tabloid reports that they probably weren’t going to like. Some I’m sure were hurtful, but there was no legal action," Myra Gutin, a professor at Rider University who studies first ladies said.

“There’s a sense that it's part of the game,” Sonja West, a professor of First Amendment law said. “You are opening yourself up to public criticism, so you figure you just need to take your hits and do your job.”

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