Mike Huckabee shares his 'science' facts on Fox News: A fetus is 'not a part of a woman’s body'
Mike Huckabee talks to Fox News/Screenshot

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Thursday tried to claim that it would be scientifically incorrect to call fetuses part of women's bodies, despite the fact that they are located within women's wombs and are attached to the woman through an umbilical cord.

During a debate on Fox News' "Outnumbered" about a newly proposed law in Virginia that would reduce the number of doctors necessary to sign off on a woman getting a late-term abortion, Democratic panelist Jessica Tarlov tried to explain to Huckabee that such procedures were only approved in cases where a mother's health was in danger or where the fetus itself was either going to die shortly after leaving the womb or was being born with severe deformities.

Tarlov also argued that these bills were needed to protect women's health and to give them control over their own bodies.

At this point, Huckabee angrily interjected.

"I thought Democrats believed in science!" he said. "Biologically, it's not a part of a woman's body. If it was, it would have the exact DNA of a woman, it would have the same blood type. It doesn't. It's a distinct human being for the moment of conception."

"It's one that can't live on its own!" Tarlov said.

Watch the video below.