Mike Pence and other Trump administration officials won't get 'unseemly' pay raises after uproar
Mike Pence (Photo: by Michael Vadon/Flickr)

Vice President Mike Pence won't be getting his scheduled pay raise on Sunday, the Washington Post reports.

Pence was one of a number of appointees within the administration that was supposed to get a pay raise, but the administration had sought to stop it after harsh backlash since the federal government is shut down, leaving many federal employees and contractors without income.

"Federal agencies have been told to suspend pay raises for top Trump administration officials after an uproar," the Post reports.

Pence’s pay was scheduled get a $13,500 raise to $243,500. Cabinet secretaries were going to get an $11,000 raise to $210,700. Others affected include deputy secretaries, undersecretaries and deputy directors.

The move came via a memo issued late Friday night, the Post reports.