Model who was 'secret Trump supporter' details elaborate lies and tricks to hide her support in conservative newspaper
Model Elizabeth Pipko was a "secret Trump supporter"/Screenshot

A New York City model who was a secret Trump supporter has detailed the elaborate lies and tricks needed to maintain her double-life in a New York Post article.

Elizabeth Pipko was a volunteer supporter of Trump who eventually went on to be paid as a low-level campaign staffer paid $4,000 a month.

"I never leaned liberal or conservative, but there was something about Trump — the way he spoke and his honesty — that had me convinced he was our next president," she told the conservative Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. "It was clear from the start that, if I wanted to survive in modeling, I couldn’t tell anyone about my new job.

Among the lies she told was convincing her manager that she was "coaching ice skating" when she was working at a call center in Trump Tower.

"At every modeling job or meeting, the talk inevitably turned to Trump, and it was always high-stress," she told the Post. "At one shoot, the photographer came in wearing a black T-shirt with a gigantic red slash over Trump’s face. I was so unnerved, I could barely concentrate on the job at hand."

Because she worked for Trump, her name eventually became public record. She had her brother game Google search results to hide this fact.

"Every time you started to type 'Elizabeth Pipko' into Google’s search bar, Trump’s name would pop up alongside mine," she said. "A booker at my current agency, DAS, asked me about it, confused and a bit concerned. I told him had no idea! My brother created a program that would continuously search my name with other keywords to get 'Trump' bumped out."

Pipko is such a hardcore supporter that she ended up getting married at Mar-A-Lago. Her wedding invitations were red hats that said “Make Marriage Great Again.”

"We weren’t worried about offending our guests," she writes. "At this point, I’ve already lost so many friends because of my Trump affiliation, the ones left standing are here to stay."

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