MSNBC's Katy Tur did not mince words on Friday after President Donald Trump's Rose Garden address agreeing to re-open the government, saying the vast majority of his nearly 20 minute speech was meant to mask the fact that the president had been beaten by Nancy Pelosi for the second time in a single week.

"The news out of that was right off the top," Tur said. "It's Donald Trump agreeing to reopen the government for a temporary period of time, for three weeks without any money for his border wall, and getting furloughed workers paid as quickly as possible."

"The rest of that speech there seems intended to disguise the fact that he didn't get any money for his border wall, which is what he had been demanding all along," she continued. "So, again, 30 seconds of that was news and the rest was -- Donald Trump talking about immigration in the way that we've seen him talk about immigration, which was full of falsehoods."

Watch the video below.