MSNBC's Hallie Jackson blasts Mike Pence for lying to her face after he repeats debunked '4,000' terrorists claim
Vice President Mike Pence/ MSNBC screen shot

MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson blasted Vice President Mike Pence for lying to her face after he repeated a well-debunked claim that 4,000 terrorists have tried to enter the United States through the border with Mexico, and was backed up by national security reporter Julia Ainsley.

"I was a little surprised to hear the vice president again raise that number about 4,000 known or suspected terrorists when that has been widely debunked," Jackson said. "It's one of the most headline-grabbing misleading claims that members of this administration has made, and Vice President Mike Pence knows that."

"This administration has been fact-checked multiple time over the past few days on that figure. It's interesting they're still using it," Ainsley replied, saying that of "about 3375 total people" the U.S. has placed on watch lists, "the vast, vast majority of those came through airports." Ainsley added that after breaking down the numbers, the total number of people on that list trying to enter through the southern border amounted to six.

"One of the things they're doing here is they are now conflating this," she continued. "They're starting to confuse the issue so that all that sticks in people's minds is thousands of terrorists at the southern border."

Watch the video below.