'How much risk are you willing to take?' Military brass terrified of Trump
Photo: By Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

As President Donald Trump's erratic behavior continues unabated, top military officials have expressed their unease to CNN.

The sources, which remained anonymous due to military restrictions on public statements, said that they're often kept in the dark about decisions that involve top defense matters.

They've also bristled at attacks on intelligence agencies and feel more than ever that their jobs are being politicized, CNN continued.

The abrupt withdrawal of troops from Syria—which prompted Defense Secretary James Mattis to resign—caused particular consternation.

"We can jump 10 feet high when a President tells us to, but we need to ask when do you want it done? How much risk are you willing to take?" one top official said.

Even before Wednesday's bombing, CNN's sources said they have no idea what's happening with troops in the region and how it will impact allies.