Mueller has Roger Stone 'in a vise': MSNBC legal analyst explains why top Trump confidante could flip
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left) and Trump confidante Roger Stone (right). Images via Obama White House archives and screengrab.

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Cynthia Alksne said Friday that President Donald Trump's longtime confidante Roger Stone was "in a vise" and had some hard decisions to make as the 66-year old political dirty trickster faces potential prison time.

The special counsel's office "didn't get over their skis in this indictment. It is tight and controlled and provable, and it puts Roger Stone in a difficult position," Alksne said. "He's not in a place where he can say 'those documents aren't mine.'"

Alksne said that Stone would be sunk by his own texts and emails, which proved he had lied in television appearances and, worse, to Congress.

"They've got him in a vise," she said. "He's going to have make a decision what's in his interest and his family's best interest at this point in his life."

Former DOJ official Elliot Williams agreed.

"They can convict him of, I believe it's seven charges," he said. "Now you have the months and months of saying 'I will never turn my back on the president' versus 'going to jail far long time as a very old man.' Most defendants end up cooperating."

Watch the video below.