Mueller will lay out how Trump won through 'ill-gotten gains': Former Trump campaign aide
Composite image of Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen captures)

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg explained his predictions for special counsel Robert Mueller's report — and how it links to claims made by the new Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Nunberg told CNN's Erin Burnett that he believes Mueller is preparing to lay out a case "of a conspiracy to defraud America."

The special counsel's office is "going to say the president knew that the Russians had hacked these emails [from the Democratic National Committee] — not that the president was involved with it," the former Trump campaign aide said.

Nunberg went on to say that the Mueller report will draw a similar conclusion to one made by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler: that "ill-gotten gains" won the 2016 presidential election for Trump.

The bombastic former campaign aide added an observation: that every person mentioned in a Mueller indictment has gone on to be indicted or "cut a deal" themselves.

"Roger [Stone] was referenced in a previous indictment with the [Russian military intelligence service] GRU," Nunberg said. "I still think things are coming and the grand jury is still open."

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