NRA's Dana Loesch: Liberals who 'murder infants' can't mock Sarah Sanders for saying God elected Trump
NRA TV host Dana Loesch (Screenshot)

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch on Thursday stepped up to defend White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who recently asserted that God wants Donald Trump to be president.

During an interview on Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy reported that Sanders "got mocked" for telling CBN that God was behind Trump's 2016 win.

Loesch said that she was "happy to engage in a biblical debate" with Democrats who don't agree with Sanders.

"The way that people try to paint her, they want to mock the perspective for which she sees this," Loesch said. "And it's difficult to take seriously."

Loesch pointed to a New York law expanding abortion rights and said that she finds "it difficult to take lectures morality from individuals of a party who think it's perfectly permissible and moral to murder infants up until... after birth."

"So, those same individuals who have no public condemnation for [abortion rights]," Loesch continued. "They own that now in their party. They want to mock Sarah Sanders for an aspect of her faith."

She added: "If these individuals were familiar with their good book they would realize that God's all powerful -- permit me to Bible thump for a moment -- God's all powerful, doesn't matter who you are, if he wants to use you, he will use you."

According to Loesch, "three's always a double-standard whenever you're talking about people of faith."

"They mock what they don't know and it's mean spirited," she concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News.