Pastor struck by train after being arrested for unlawful sexual contact in an assisted living facility

A Gilcrest, Colorado pastor was struck by a train Friday, shortly after being arrested for unlawful sexual contact, reports the Greeley Tribune.

Paul Stephen Wakefield, 62, was allegedly caught with his hand up a patient's shirt in an assisted living facility. According to the facility, the woman suffered from cognitive communication deficit and memory problems.

Wakefield was charged with unlawful sexual contact and a crime against an at-risk person.

He was released after posting bail the next day.

According to a spokeswoman for Union Pacific Railroad, which operated the train that hit Wakefield, the train sounded its horn at least 15 seconds prior to entering the crossing.

His death is being investigated.

Following his arrest, Wakefield was dismissed from his position with the church.

Another deacon offered a statement.

“It is with heavy hearts and great pain that we mourn the loss of our pastor," said Steve Nothem. "He was a man who deeply loved the Lord and devoted his life to pointing others to Jesus Christ. We would value the prayers of your readers for comfort and for God to do a mighty work through this pain and sorrow.”