Philadelphia New Years Day parade ridicules 'pee tape'-clutching Donald Trump in hilarious dance routine
Mummers Parade/Penn Live screen shot from YouTube

Philadelphia has traditionally celebrated New Year's Day with the Mummers Parade, involving organized clubs that dress up in feathers and clown make-up, tote accordions and banjos, and perform bizarre and often outrageous sketches that frequently touch on current events. This year was no different as the Lobster Club parodied the presidency of Donald Trump.

As Madonna's "Material World" blared from loudspeakers, a mummer portraying Trump emerged from a set designed to look like the Oval Office, flanked by dancers in Secret Service outfits and two performers representing the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Suddenly, a shirtless Vladimir Putin appears, and dances the tango with Trump, as another dancer brandishes an enormous VHS tape with a golden letter "P" emblazoned on it. Trump takes Uncle Sam hostage and hands him over to Putin and the Russians.

All seems lost, until Philadelphia Flyers mascot and Antifa icon Gritty appears, frees Uncle Sam, and hands Trump over to the FBI.

Watch the video below.