'This presidency is in danger': Jim Acosta grills Sarah Sanders as Russia investigation closes in on Trump
Jim Acosta and Sarah Sanders appear in White House briefing room (Fox News/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday insisted that President Donald Trump had done "nothing wrong" even though people close to him have been indicted in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

In the first White House press briefing in 41 days, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta asked Sanders about Roger Stone's recent indictment.

"Roger Stone last week, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn," Acosta said, recounting the indictments. "Are you concerned, is the president concerned that as more and more of his former aides, associates are brought in to this investigation, are indicted, plead guilty, that this presidency is in danger?"

"Not at all," Sanders shot back. "In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The more this goes on, the more we see none of these things have anything to do with the president."

She added: "In Roger Stone's cases, the charges of that indictment have nothing to do with the president and have to do with his communications with Congress. So in fact, I think the further we get into the process, the more and more we see that this has nothing to do with president Trump."

Acosta pressed about Trump's contacts with Stone.

"Can you assure the American people that during these conversations that Roger Stone had with WikiLeaks and individuals assigned to the dumping of that material that at no time the president had any interactions with Roger Stone?" the CNN correspondent wondered.

"What I can tell you, the president did nothing wrong throughout the process," Sanders insisted. The charges of the indictment against Mr. Stone have absolutely nothing to do with the president."

Watch the video below from Fox News.