‘The president is a dittohead’: MSNBC anchor links Trump’s failure to his listening to Rush Limbaugh
Composite image of talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump during Fox News appearances (screengrabs)

President Donald Trump's shutdown of the government is because he is a "dittohead," MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews explained on Tuesday.

The word "dittohead" originated in the 20th century and is a term to describe AM radio listeners who essentially say "ditto" by agreeing with every utterance from Rush Limbaugh.

Matthews described Trump's defensiveness over Limbaugh's criticism as "political capital preservation."

"So he's a ditto-head," Matthews concluded. "So the president of the United States is a dittohead."

"He's doing, literally, what Rush Limbaugh calls his people who 'ditto' everything he says," he explained.

"Right now, because Rush Limbaugh can get 10 million on a good day to listen to him -- he's a fireball -- but that's 1/3 of 1 percent," he noted. "What are we talking about?"

"Rush Limbaugh, if he stood for anything besides audience, he would say let's move on here -- this isn't helping," Matthews added.