'The reality star met reality': GOP strategist says Trump made big bets on the shutdown while 'holding a weak hand'
Rick Tyler/MSNBC screen shot

Republican strategist Rick Tyler didn't mince words on Thursday, telling MSNBC flatly that President Donald Trump made a high stakes bet on his shutdown, but he's holding a weak hand against a much better player: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"The reality star met reality," Tyler said, adding that Trump's challenge to Pelosi's authority showed his own party exactly how badly the president plays poker.

"Let me set the scene: the president is holding his hand, the whole Republican Party can see it," Tyler said. "He's got a pair of 2s, this is a very weak hand. What he's betting against national security is that nothing goes wrong in the aviation industry."

"And you can tell none of this is serious for two reasons. One is you don't say that border security is a priority and then not pay the people who are securing the border," he continued. "The current barrier, which only covers less than 700 miles, was $7 billion. So clearly it doesn't -- the $4.9 doesn't pay for the whole border."

"Not one Republican can tell you where they're going to build this wall," Tyler added angrily. "It is not a serious proposal."

Watch the video below.