Republicans are 'secretly whispering' support for Romney's attack on Trump: GOP operative Rick Wilson
Mitt Romney (AFP)

Over the holidays, incoming Senator Mitt Romney penned an op-ed savaging President Donald Trump's character.

Although he gave the President credit for policies like criminal justice reform and his tax bill, Romney said that Trump does not possess the qualities needed in a commander-in-chief. He also knocked the President's trade wars.

"Policies and appointments are only a part of a presidency," he said. "A president must also unite us, inspire us, and defend our vital institutions."

Trump quickly shot back, disparaging Romney for not being a "team player."

In an op-ed published in the Daily Beast Wednesday, Rick Wilson, Republican operative and the author of "Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever" noted that Romney is far from the only Republican who feels this way.

"Most Republicans knew Romney was right then and they sure as hell know he’s right today, despite the reflexive backlash that spread like a wildfire of stupid from the President’s Twitter feed to /r/The_Donald, to talk radio," Wilson writes.

"Mitt Romney, The Enemy of the State, is a role I imagine he never thought he’d play in American political life, but the impact of his words is causing a full-fledged meltdown in the Trump-supporting media apparatus on the right. I expect QAnon to predict Romney’s arrest and transport to GITMO any time now," he continues.

"Mitt Romney isn’t trolling Donald Trump just for the sake of lulz. He isn’t poking the orange bear just because he can. The Senator from Utah isn’t playing Trump’s game of insult and acrimony, and Trump knows it," he adds.

"Behind Trump’s bluster and swagger, and the ten-toothed roar of his arena faithful, the GOP just had its collective head kicked in during the 2018 campaign. The loss of 40 House seats, the trade war disaster, a volatile stock market, a teetering economy, the reality of Mueller’s growing case against the Maximum Leader, and Trump’s foreign policy recklessness have left Republican elected officials disheartened and shell-shocked."

Yet most Republicans continue to fear taking on the President.

"Mitt Romney’s editorial is making the rounds for speaking the words that much of the GOP lacks the courage to put their names behind. Many of the voices rising to condemn him are secretly whispering, “Mitt, it was great. I agree with you, but I have to defend him, you know. I’ve got to worry about a primary...” Wilson says.

Wilson envisions a strong role for Romney to play in Congress.

"He has a chance to be a voice for the facts, for principles, and for personal integrity The coward caucus won’t get the headlines, the media attention, and the political capital that flows from calling on Republicans to live up to their principles and for providing a living contrast to Trump’s egregious, juvenile behavior. Romney just might."