Rick Wilson: Trump ‘reeked of defeat’ during his ‘death twitch’ of an Oval Office speech
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson has written a gleefully vicious obituary for President Donald Trump's Tuesday night speech on the border wall, which Wilson described as a "wet fart."

Writing in the Daily Beast, Wilson said that Trump's speech was a desperate bid to keep his flailing presidency alive -- and in that regard, it failed miserably.

"This speech was supposed to be about forcing the national dialogue to stay on the border wall," Wilson said. "No such luck. He reeked of defeat, clearly didn't want to be there, and it showed. Trump looked exhausted, squinty, and bored, reading in a near-monotone from the Teleprompter. It went over like a wet fart."

Wilson also said that Trump's speech marked the end of his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which he has repeatedly vowed will be financed by Mexico.

"The crisis he proudly created will end without a wall, and he knows it," wrote Wilson. "The speech can most accurately be seen as the death twitch of The Wall cult. Trump can’t deliver a product, so he’s looking to sell something different."

Wilson concluded that Trump's speech shows he can't just escape his political troubles in the way he repeatedly escaped multiple bankruptcies and failed marriages.

"The speech wasn't the usual trick escape play for the man accustomed to getting away with damn near everything; it was the exact opposite," he wrote. "The Wall is dead. The shutdown will end. Donald Trump blew it, bigly."

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