'He has to rig whatever game he's playing': Trump biographer explains why poll scam is classic Donald
Journalist and Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: Screen capture)

On Friday, it was reported that President Donald Trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen, paid an IT guy to rig polls in favor of Trump.

CNN host Don Lemon had author Michael D'Antonio and Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Rothfeld, who broke the story, on to discuss the development.

"During the campaign, you heard [Trump] complaining all the time, 'The polls are rigged, the polls are rigged,'" Lemon said. "Now we find out Cohen was trying to rig the polls in his favor. Yes, they are rigged... I've been told on good authority the reason he did it is because they wanted [Trump] to show up in the polls just enough for us suckers in the media to talk about him, to get his name out there."

D'Antonio, the author of "The Truth About Trump," was not surprised by the revelation.

"Donald Trump believes either you're a sucker or you're taking advantage of the suckers," he said. "So we were the suckers. They took advantage of us. But there's also I think something consistent with Donald Trump's entire life going on here. This is a man who thinks that he cannot win a straight-up competition. He has to somehow rig whatever game he's playing."

D'Antonio also said that Trump telegraphs his bad acts by accusing others of the same thing.

"Whatever [Trump] accuses others of doing is the thing that he's doing himself. Right? So who imagines that the polls are rigged? The guy who's rigging the polls."

Watch below.