Right wing paper publishes White House-produced 'exclusive' list of accomplishments -- then Trump promotes it: reporter
Christian leaders praying over Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

The White House communications team came up with a strategy of handing over what they wanted the Washington Examiner to publish, just so the president could tweet it out and promote himself.

At least, that's one take from the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, who noticed the correlation.

"Great moments in media: Trump's team gives the Washington Examiner an 'exclusive' list of 205 supposed 'historic' accomplishments he will campaign on; the Examiner just publishes it in full; Trump tweets about it as if it came from the Examiner," tweeted top reporter Daniel Dale.

Trump tweeted the headline of the story exclaiming that it was "True!"

The Examiner has always been a right-leaning paper, but it's unclear if they have ever stooped to simply regurgitating what the White House hands them.