'Roger Stone brought this on himself': Former federal prosecutor rains on Trump's pity party for indicted ally
Roger Stone speaks to a reporter at LAX (Screen capture)

Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig on Thursday slapped aside President Donald Trump's complaints about the way the FBI last week treated his longtime ally, Roger Stone.

During a panel discussion led by CNN's Kate Bolduan, the host noted that Trump this week questioned whether the FBI went too far in its decision to conduct an early-morning raid on Stone's house last Friday.

Honig, however, said there was absolutely nothing to question about the FBI's tactics in this particular case.

"Roger Stone brought this on himself, period," he said bluntly. "Any time you need to arrest somebody... you have two options as a prosecutor and FBI. You can allow them the courtesy of surrendering at some future time and date, or you can do exactly what was done with Roger Stone. You knock on the door at 6 a.m."

He then went on to explain that Stone couldn't have reasonably expected better treatment given the allegations being leveled against him.

"Roger Stone is charged with very strong counts of obstruction, of witness tampering -- in the indictment we saw he told the witness, 'Prepare to die,' he threatened to kidnap a witness's dog!" he said. "When you do that kind of thing, you give away the right to that courtesy."

Watch the video below.