Roger Stone confidant reveals who he suspects is the 'senior Trump campaign official' that directed Stone's WikiLeaks contacts
Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi appears on MSNBC/Screenshot

Roger Stone was indicted on Friday on seven charges related to lying to prosecutors about his efforts to pass information between WikiLeaks and the Trump 2016 campaign.

According to the indictment, Stone "informed senior campaign official" about the coming drop of information from WikiLeaks and that they encouraged him along.

Longtime Stone associate Jerome Corsi, who is known as the "birther king" for his role is starting the debunked conspiracy that President Barack Obama was secretly born in Kenya, is one of the alleged go-betweens who connected Stone to WikiLeaks.

Corsi has said that he "figured out" that stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign boss John Podesta were going to be released, though it has been suspected that he learned this from WikiLeaks.

On Saturday, Corsi appeared on MSNBC where he was questioned about his involvement, repeatedly claiming that his memory is faulty at age 73 and that he'd cooperated with prosecutors.

But when he was asked who inside the Trump campaign encouraged Stone, he was willing to speculate.

Corsi said he doesn't think it was the president himself, but that it was his top strategist, Steve Bannon.

"The only thing I could—and this is entirely speculation on my part—is that their discussion with Steve Bannon was mentioned," he said. "So my mind lept to without being able to justify it or prove it, would be Bannon. And I just don't know if that is the case but I don't think it would be the president."

There are at least two people who know for sure, and Corsi said that Stone should be willing to name them.

"Tell the truth," Corsi said.

Watch the interview below.