Sarah Sanders thinks God 'wanted Donald Trump to become president'
Sarah Sanders/CNN screen shot

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Christian Broadcasting Network that she believes Donald Trump's election was desired by God.

"“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times," she told the religious broadcaster, "and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president."

This was not the first time the press secretary cited religion in defense of her boss.

Last summer, she claimed that the Trump administration's child separation policy is "very biblical" when CNN's Jim Acosta pressed her on whether the policy is in keeping with her religious mores.

Immediately after New York Times reporter Alan Rappeport tweeted about Sanders' CBN comment, Twitter went into an uproar.

"So did God want @BarackObama to be president?" David Corn, co-author of Russian Roulette, an investigative book on Trump's relationship with Russia, mused. "Or did he take off those eight years?"

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