'Self-made' billionaire Howard Schultz uncorks bizarre self-pitying rant on Morning Joe
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz/MSNBC screen shot

Former Starbucks CEO and independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz launched into a self-pitying rant on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Wednesday, calling into question whether the coffee salesman has the thick skin necessary for a successful run.

Schultz told co-host Willie Geist that he was no longer a Democrat because the party, he said, had moved too far to the left. He criticized Democrats for wanting to provide Americans with health care, college, and employment, saying what America really need is "comprehensive tax reform" and "sensible solutions to immigration." However, what seemed to animate Schultz most was his deep sense of grievance.

"I have also been criticized for being a billionaire. I am self-made," Schultz complained. "I grew up in the projects of Brooklyn, New York. I thought that was the American dream, the aspiration of America."

Starbucks is "the only company in America that gave comprehensive health insurance, equity in the form of stock options, and free college tuition," Schultz continued. "Elizabeth Warren wants to criticize me for being successful? No. It's wrong."

Watch the video below.