Senior White House aides 'stunned' Kushner thinks he can still sell Dems on wall with help of Koch Brothers
Jared Kushner appears on CNN with Van Jones/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is looking to broker a deal that gets Trump's promised border wall built while also actually addressing immigration issues, reports Axios.

Buoyed by his successful shepherding of a bipartisan prison reform bill through the legislative process, Kushner has reportedly been meeting with representatives of the Koch Brothers to broker some sort of bipartisan bill.

“They would like to try and replicate at some level a bipartisan coalition on immigration issues, something paired with border security as well,” Koch Industries vice president Mark Holden told Axios.

Kushner reportedly held a "white board planning session" on the subject.

The move was not warmly received by immigration hardliners who identify as part of Trump's "base."

“Border security and immigration reform are much more complex issues than criminal justice reform," Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin told Axios. "Many of the strongest parts of the president’s base do not want amnesty, and the president’s promise to secure the border is what drew those voters to him from early in his campaign."

The fact that Kushner believes he'll succeed in brokering an immigration deal left two senior White House officials "stunned."

“He convinced Democrats to support something they already agreed with," one told Axios.

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