Singer calls out one of his own fans for wearing a Trump shirt at his show

An audience member wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt got called out during a Las Vegas show on Saturday for the Amity Affliction, reports Alt Press.

The Amity Affliction’s vocalist Joel Birch yelled at a man in a Trump Jersey during the performance. He then defended his actions on Twitter.

“What I said tonight was much more balanced than I could have been, and wanted to be,” Birch says in a Twitter thread. “Just like I wouldn’t wear an atheist tee to church, I expect people to exercise a certain decorum when attending our shows. Music has forever been a safe haven for me, and I want our shows to be a safe haven for others.”

He likened wearing a Trump Jersey to brandishing a swastika.

“You can believe whatever you want to believe while you are outside the venue, but don’t you DARE bring your negative energy inside to intimidate and cause discomfort to others,” Birch says. “I love Amity fans, they give us this unique and beautiful opportunity to play music, but I WILL NOT stand for people jeopardizing the happiness of others, and ruining their experience at one of our shows. To put it simply, you are not welcome.”

It didn't stop there. The Trump supporter Tweeted back.

The same man apparently was enraged by other fans wearing "Heal Us" shirts.