Soybean farmer blasts Trump's lack of leadership as shutdown and trade wars slice his profits in half

The government shutdown continued Monday with no end in sight, depriving federal workers of pay and jeopardizing industries that rely on a functional government to survive.

On CNN, soybean farmer John Boyd Jr. explained how the shutdown is impacting his soybean production by stopping federal subsidies. But Boyd Jr.  went further, to denounce Trump's trade wars with China, which he claims have halved his profit margins.

"We can't get the relief check for farmers," Boyd Jr. explained. "It's put off our planting by a week. Right now in 2012 I was selling a bushel of soybeans for $6 a bushel -- $16 a bushel. Today I'm selling them for $8 a bushel. Now the government is closed and we desperately need a subsidy check."

"This president hasn't shown the leadership to bring this country together both racially, and he hasn't shown the leadership to bring our country together politically, and that's something that's really hurting our country right now and hurting my personal family, my personal farming operation," he said.

Boyd Jr. also berated the president for vilifying migrant workers, despite having used them as cheap labor in his hotels.