'I feel used and insulted': Furloughed IRS employee on CNN shames Trump for treating him like a pawn
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

The government shutdown is going into its second week and there has been little progress made between Democrats and Republicans to come up with a solution that benefits both parties.

On Friday, CNN's Brooke Baldwin sat down with furloughed IRS employee, Terry Scott, who shared that he feels "used and insulted" by President Donald Trump.

Scott mentioned that he is living off of his savings and is worried about paying for his basic needs.

"This has nothing to do with federal employees. The president is taking the position that he wants on the wall and then furloughing us in order to get it, that's very insulting," he said.

"It is very possible that they could have their separate discussions about building this wall and 800,000 employees be at work. But to just carve us out and to use us till he gets what he wants, that's very hurting and very insulting to the average federal employee," Scott said.

"Are you spending your savings because of this?" Baldwin asked.

"Yes, and I speak for some 750 federal employees that are within my chapter. I spoke to a parent today whose daughter’s tuition is about to become due. People would have to dip into their savings because there is no paycheck," he said.

He added, "It is a huge impact when people are uncertain about when we're going to return to work, how long they're going to have to continue to dip into their savings in order to make it. No paycheck coming in but guess what, the bills don't stop because we're furloughed."

Watch the interview below via CNN.