Dem rips Trump for treating crisis announcement 'like he's teasing the next episode of a game show'
Donald Trump addresses the Kansas State Republican caucus. (mark reinstein /

On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted that he is making a big announcement on Saturday. This news comes in the midst of the longest government shut down in US history and after the revelation that Michael Cohen allegedly lied to Congress at the direction of the president.

Trump's tweet lead several to wonder what announcement he would be making and why. However, Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) was not pleased with the president's tweet and said that he is playing a game.

He noted that with so much going on the president should be straight forward and not "tease" information.

"The president is teasing his own announcement like he's teasing the next episode of a game show. This is really serious business. If the president has an announcement to make, he should just say it, so these people who are working without pay and the people in this country who are being threatened by the impact of this shutdown can move on. Stop playing games," Kildee said.