The View’s Meghan McCain shouts increasingly louder trying to pin blame on Democrats for Trump’s shutdown
The View co-host Meghan McCain. (Screenshot/ABC)

The View's Meghan McCain lost her temper on Thursday when her dogged efforts to blame President Donald Trump's shutdown on "both sides" got obliterated by co-host Sunny Hostin, who not-so-calmly explained that the president had "manufactured this nightmare" all on his own.

McCain was already in a tough spot after co-host Joy Behar ran a clip of the president's infamous televised meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, in which Trump declared he was "proud to shut down the government"

"To Democrats, you as a Democrat, what culpability do you hold in this? Because everyone is screwed right now," McCain blustered, her voice rising. "We're talking about TSA workers that aren't getting paid. People aren't getting paid. Both sides should be adults about this including on this show to get it right, and I'm sick of playing politics on this show every day with issues that affect everyone."

"However, isn't it true that Trump manufactured this nightmare? Isn't it true that Trump started --" replied Hostin, as McCain began shouting over her.

"Let me finish, oh my God," Hostin broke in. "Isn't it true that Trump manufactured this need for the wall? He's the one that pulled DACA. He's the one that --"

"He's also the president," interrupted McCain, sneering at the former federal prosecutor. "He has that power."

"He's also the person that already said he would take responsibility for the shutdown," Hostin continued. "I don't understand why all of a sudden both sides are responsible for the shutdown."

"It's for the good of the country," McCain insisted. "It's for the good of America."

It is widely acknowledged among Democrats that giving in to the president's demands would only encourage future government shutdowns to force acquiescence to the executive branch.

Watch the video below.