‘They think this is a game:’ Symone Sanders says GOP will crack only after 'immense' pressure from voters
CNN's Symone Sanders [Photo: Screengrab from video]

Political commentator Symone Sanders called out President Donald Trump and his supporters for treating the government shutdown "like a game" during a Friday panel with CNN's Jake Tapper. The shutdown is headed into its fourth week and is the longest in history.

Sanders said the only thing that would move Trump to stop the shutdown is heavy pressure from the GOP. The president shut down the government in an effort to get funding from Congress for a wall at the US-Mexico border.

Tapper explained that Trump's reelection campaign started a fundraiser for the wall. The reelection campaign asked people to donate and in exchange will send a faux brick to House Leader Nancy Pelosi's and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer 's offices.

Sanders then said this move is foolish.

"It is concerning to me that Donald Trump and his campaign advisers and allies in the White House think this is a game," Sanders said. "In one breath Donald Trump tells us Mexico has paid for the wall. If you believe that then why is the government still shut down because of your wall?"

She added, "I do believe that the political pressure for Republicans will begin. I believe the pressure will be immense. I'm wondering how long until they break with the president. How far are they willing to go out on a limb for [Trump]? That's the question I think they are being faced with it."

Watch below via CNN.