Trump acts like he is 'furloughed' and is 'certainly nonessential': Conservative columnist
Donald Trump (Photo: White House photographer)

The government shutdown is in its the third week, and so far President Donald Trump has spent more time complaining about being alone in the White House than working to come up with a solution to reopen the government.

On Monday, opinion columnist Dana Milbank wrote in The Washington Post  a list of jobs that Trump can do with his “idle” time.

"The government is shuttered, and the president has nothing to do. 'I am in the White House waiting for you!' he tweeted plaintively to Democrats on Saturday,'" Milbank wrote.

"I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats,” Trump tweeted.

Democrats have put forth bills for Trump to sign to reopen the government, and Republicans have urged him to negotiate to stop the shutdown. Even his White House aides said that the shutdown is bad for him politically.

"And Trump? He watches TV and tweets insults at Jeff 'Bozo' Bezos, the Amazon founder, and chief executive who also owns The Post, and Sen. Elizabeth 'Pocahontas' Warren. With so little to occupy him, it’s as though he is on furlough himself. He’s certainly nonessential," he wrote.

While doing a mock job search for Trump, Milbank discovered the perfect way for Trump to spend his time.

"Curiously, a certain type of work came up more than once when I searched for a shutdown vocation for Trump ... the database returned a common result: fence erector," he said.

Milbank added, "It’s an elegant solution. Instead of moping around the White House, talking about a border barrier, our furloughed president should go to the border and start erecting one. Build the wall, Mr. President — yourself."

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