Trump called campaign an 'infomercial' for what everyone knew was his 'criminal enterprise': Trump's former friend
Donald Trump on cover of his new book 'Crippled America' (Screenshot)

Details of President Donald Trump's financial dealings are likely to come to light as Democrats have subpoena power in the House of Representatives and special counsel Robert Mueller wraps up his investigation.

On Friday night, former Trump friend Donny Deutsch appeared on MSNBC with Chris Matthews and said that Trump's world is going to collapse as a result.

"Donald Trump is a sleazy real estate developer—it was always about the money," said Deutsch. "Michael [Cohen] once said to me, at the beginning of the campaign, Donald said 'This is going to be the biggest infomercial that we ever did.'"

Host Christ Matthews gasped at the revelation, which Deutsch framed by mentioning Trump's days as a pizza pitchman who "didn't think he was going to win."

"I've always said, from the beginning of this, 'Follow the money,'" Deutsch said. "Donald Trump went bust in the early 90s. He could not borrow money from banks. It was coming from Russia. As you unfold this, even once he's out of office, you are going to continue to see U.S. attorneys continue to pick apart the Trump organization. You're going to see money laundering, you're going to see it's a criminal enterprise."

Deutsch said that real estate guys "are kinda slippery to begin with," but that Trump was the worst.

"He was the bottom of the bottom of the barrel," Deutsch said.

Watch below.