A bipartisan group of Senators met in wake of the two bills that failed on the floor Thursday. Six Republican Senators crossed the aisle to vote for the Democratic proposal, giving it more votes than President Donald Trump's proposal.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed that Sen. Lindsey Graham would deliver the president's decision to reopen the government if he was given a "large downpayment" on the wall. Thus far there are 10 House bills that Senators could pass that give substantial funds to border security, but not necessarily the president's wall.

According to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, the president claimed victory on the GOP shutdown proposal saying "we won 50-47." Sadly, 60 votes were needed for Trump. The Democratic proposal garnered greater votes at 52-44.

Trump tried to say that Democrats are beginning to break and that they agree that a wall is a good idea. The president also claimed that there is an 8,000-person caravan headed our way and that the wall was needed to stop them. For that reason, Trump said the military really wants the wall because they see it as an "invasion" of our country.

The president was asked about statements made Thursday by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that many are painting as tone deaf. He said he hadn't heard about it, which seems farfetched given the amount of cable news the president watches.

"A lot of technology is put on the wall, cameras and everything else," he said at one point. "They put the technology, they fasten it to the wall. You have drone technology that is great in terms of -- but what are you going to do? Follow the people? Once they step into the country, you know what happens, right? You know what they do? It's called -- what do they call it? Do you know? They put one foot in our country, right? And we got them, that's it, so the drones don't help us, we have to keep it out. We have no choice but to have a wall or a barrier. If we don't have that it will just not work. It is very important to me."

He went on to say that the workers are happy to be sacrificing for his cause.

"I love them, I respect them, I really appreciate the great job their doing," Trump said of furloughed federal employees. "Many of those people that are not getting paid are totally in favor of what we're doing. They know the future of this country is dependent on the strong border, especially a strong southern border."

Trump also noted that Pelosi was “reasonable” to say no to the State of the Union address until after the government reopens.

“It’s really her choice,” he told reporters.

He also said that there were "many" other ways to fund the border wall outside of Congress, though he didn't explain.

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