Trump is a 'cowardly sadist' who is destroying federal workers' lives while performing for his base: law professor
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Legendary Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe labeled President Donald Trump as a "cowardly sadist" for not caring about the human toll of his government shutdown.

Tribe, who has taught at Harvard for 50 years and argued three dozen cases before the United States Supreme Court, slammed Trump on the president's favorite social media platform.

"There’s obviously no real immigration emergency on the border, but Trump might try to use the unending shutdown itself as the 'emergency' and pretend that his only way to stop it is to steal disaster money for his wall," Tribe tweeted Saturday. "His base might buy that inverted logic but courts won’t."

Tribe warned his followers to "be prepared."

"Trump loves fighting, forcing people into submission," he noted.

"So he pulls emergency trigger, gets sued," Tribe predicted. "If judge says no wall while case continues, Trump says he’ll veto bill to open government without a green light to begin digging. He blames court and Congress for ongoing shutdown."

"One thing for sure: The mounting human toll of this longest-ever shutdown counts for zero in Trump’s balance sheet," he wrote.

Trump has now presided over the longest government shutdown in American history.

"Holding his base, humiliating his 'enemies,' being on offense, are all that matter to this cowardly sadist," he added.

This was not Tribe's first time taking Trump to task on Twitter.