Trump economic adviser battered on CNN for still insisting 35 days without a paycheck was a 'vacation' for federal workers
CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield and Club for Growth found Stephen Moore (screengrabs)

The pattern of Donald Trump supporters embarrassing themselves by appearing out-of-touch on the impact of his shutdown continued on Saturday, one day after the longest shutdown in American history ended without the White House receiving funding for Trump's wall.

Stephen Moore, one of the top economic advisors on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, attempted to claim that Trump's shutdown had no negative impact for the "vast majority" of Americans.

First, Moore suggested the shutdown was a paid vacation for furloughed employees.

"Yes, it negatively impacted the 800,000 workers, most of them, a lot of them, I have friends who live in Washington, D.C. who treated it like a paid vacation because they will get paid," Moore claimed. "And I'm not minimizing the impact, but it is so interesting, for most Americans around the country, the vast majority of Americans, they weren't affected at all by this," he argued.

Linette Lopez, senior finance correspondent for Business Insider, asked that Moore show some empathy for struggling workers.

"This is not what any of these people want to hear," she said. "So do not go on, do not go on CNN and have another Wilbur Ross moment, please."

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was widely condemned for not understanding why unpaid federal works were turning to food banks.

"You're Wilbur Rossing really hard right now, my friend," Lopez said.

Moore kept doubling down as the panel became more tense, with both host and Lopez piling on.

"In Ohio or Michigan or Pennsylvania, a lot of people didn't know the government was shut down," Moore claimed. "That's how insignificant a lot of these agencies are. People didn't even know, unless they watch CNN: