Trump has 'fatally compromised' his own argument for declaring a national emergency to build his wall: Ex-White House counsel
Donald Trump in coal helmet giving a double thumbs up during West Virginia rally. May 2016 (Photo: Screen capture)

A former White House counsel has predicted how Donald Trump's possible national emergency declaration to build his border wall will backfire.

Obama-era White House counsel Robert F. Bauer told the Washington Post that the president's inconsistent and incorrect statements about the border wall are likely to come back to haunt him.

"He has fatally compromised his ability to defend this,” Bauer said. “He has so politicized the issue, and he has been so reckless in his presentation of what the stakes are that he walks into court with two strikes against him, the ball about to break over the plate and he’s swinging too late.”

The report noted that even Trump's defenders, like Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), recognize the difficulty of the wall-by-national emergency gambit.

“I’m confident he could declare a national emergency," Corny told CNN Monday, "but what that may mean in terms of adding new elements to this — court hearings and litigation that may carry this on for weeks and months and years — to me, injecting a new element in this just makes it more complicated."

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