Trump is 'giving in': Fox News declares government funding deal a 'big victory for Democrats'
Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump (Photos By Michael Candelori/Shutterstock and Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Friday, lawmakers reportedly agreed to a tentative deal to reopen the federal government, after 35 days during which 800,000 federal workers were unpaid and major airports warned they would have to start redirecting flights.

President Donald Trump will not be getting his funding request for a wall met.

On Fox News Friday, the network’s chief White House correspondent deemed the deal a major loss for Trump.

"If the president agrees to a three week continuing resolution with no funding for border security, but there's an agreement to negotiate, that's something that Nancy Pelosi has been floating for a couple of weeks now," Fox News reporter John Roberts said. "That's something Lindsey Graham floated a couple of weeks ago that the president rejected out of hand."

"So if that's what he agrees to, it's difficult to see this as anything but the president giving in to Democrats on Capitol Hill," Roberts concluded. "Because he has been so insistent about the fact that any deal to reopen government needed to include money. Not just for border security, but for a border wall as well. If he gives up that significant piece of it, I would say that's a big victory Democrats."