Trump-hating Canadian tells Justin Trudeau that he'll buy him a beer if he pushes president 'off a cliff'
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and American President Donald Trump (White House photo)

A Trump-hating Canadian man told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday night that he would buy him a beer if he pushed President Donald Trump "off a cliff."

The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale reports that the remarks came during a town hall meeting the PM was conducting in British Columbia.

"I just want a really, really quick, really funny question... pertaining about Donald Trump," the man, who has not been identified, began. "Would it really be bad relationship advice to give you just to tell you, you know, from all of us, just push him off a cliff?"

The man insisted that he was serious about his question and added, "Like, really, I’ll buy you a beer" if he pushed the president off a cliff.

Trudeau responded with apprehension to the man's request, according to Dale.

"I wasn’t expecting a threat of violence against our closest ally, but uh, I, I -- you know, in politics people have all sorts of opinions," Trudeau said. "And all sorts of perspectives about who is leading at any given moment. The relationship between Canada and the United States goes far deeper than who happens to be prime minister and who happens to be president."