Trump-loving conspiracy theorist busted in terrorist plot to bomb Muslim community
Vincent Vetromile, a New Yorker accused of a plot to bomb a Muslim community, poses with a gun (right, via YouTube) and poses for his mugshot (left, via police).

An upstate New York teen arrested for allegedly planning to bomb a Muslim community posted online about how he wanted to kill all Muslims — and in praise of Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that 18-year-old Vincent Vetromile obsessively posted about his hatred of Muslims prior to being arrested along with friends of roughly the same age in Rochester, New York last Friday.

“Kids have been shown to be terrorists too and have killed our people,” Vetromile wrote on Twitter. “The Koran tells them to kill us so they’re all GUILTY.”

“KILL THEM ALL and nobody will be left to attack us,” he tweeted in 2016.

Vetromile was arrested along with 20-year-old Brian Colaneri, 18-year-old Andrew Crysel and an unnamed person under the age of 18 for criminal conspiracy and weapon possession. The group allegedly planned to attack Islamberg, a small Muslim community founded in the 1980s that's been targeted by right-wing conspiracy theorists in recent years.

Along with his vitriol about Muslims, Vetromile was, the Beast reported, an "avid Trump supporter" — and even invited the president to his Eagle Scout ceremony.

"Dear @POTUS , I invited you to my Eagle Scout ceremony weeks ago, it was tonight,” he tweeted in 2017. “Wish you had come but I get you’re busy. Thanks for MAGA.”

He was also a proponent of the president's border wall.

"Anyone who’s played Minecraft knows if you want to keep out people who want to hurt you, shoot you, or blow themselves up, you build a wall and anyone who gets over/under/around the wall illegally you kill until nobody else crosses into your land," Vetromile tweeted.

In 2016, the Rochester teen posted on Instagram that he was looking to start a "resistance faction" in the area to fight "cruelties and mistreatment of the general populace by government."