'Trump put a stink on that genre': Seth Meyers jokes that nobody wants another billionaire businessman president

On Thursday, "Late Night" host Seth Meyers mocked former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Schultz has received mass criticism for saying that he is seriously thinking about running for president in 2020 as an independent.

"So far his rollout [announcement] has been a disaster," Meyers joked. "There is virtually no appetite for a billionaire businessman to run for president right now. Someone really put a stink on that genre."

"You think people are going to vote for you because you are the CEO of a coffee company," Meyers said.

"We don't want a president who can't separate his last job from his current. This president was a builder and now all he does his talk about building a wall," Meyers joked.

He then mocked President Donald Trump for dissing Schultz on Twitter, by saying he hopes that Starbucks is still paying their rent in Trump Tower.

"Trump just admitted that he still makes money from his business. If Putin would announce he was running for president, Trump would tweet, 'I hope he is still paying me bribes,'" he said.

Watch below.