President Donald Trump has threatened another government shutdown, a month after the resolution of a 35-day closure that left 800,000 federal employees without pay.

Republicans have signaled that they do not intend to allow the shut down of government again.

“I don’t like shutdowns. I don’t think they work for anybody, and I hope that they would be avoided,” Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told the Hill.

On CNN Wednesday, former legislator and political commentator Bakari Sellers declared that another shutdown would be disastrous for the country—and for President Trump.

"But what I want to see is comprehensive reform," he said. He pointed out that there's bipartisan will to truly reform the immigration system in a humane way and if the President opposes the effort because it doesn't allocate billions to build a wall, it spells his electoral defeat.

"If the president still does not want to sign it, then the president has signed his election defeat in 2020. That's on him," Sellars said.