Trump spokeswoman rambles about James Clapper and border security after Fox News asks about Roger Stone
White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp dodges questions about Roger Stone's indictment (Screen cap).

Trump White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp on Monday responded to a question about indicted Trump ally Roger Stone with a rambling answer that jumped seemingly at random from one subject to the next.

When asked by Fox News' Bill Hemmer how President Donald Trump is reacting to the arrest of his longtime ally, Schlapp quickly tried to steer the conversation toward other people who have supposedly lied to Congress under oath.

"You know, I think it's just interesting if you are setting the standard on Roger Stone, to also ask the question of others who provided false statements like James Clapper or James Comey, for that matter," she said.

Host Sandra Smith then tried to press her about how the president is feeling seeing his friend in legal jeopardy, and Schlapp pivoted to other topics.

"Again, we're focusing on getting border security completed," she said. "Our goal right now, as we move toward the State of the Union, is to talk about ways we can work with Congress to achieve our priorities and on the president's agenda. Our goal is to continue to push forward on economic prosperity and growth in America, making sure that wages keep going up, making sure that there are job opportunities for all Americans. We've created over seven million jobs."

Watch the video below.