Trump supporter blasts president over 'ridiculous' shutdown: 'You’re not getting the wall'
Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

On the 32nd day of the government shutdown—an unprecedented amount of time for the federal government to be closed, leaving 800,000 workers without pay—CNN outlined how unpopular the president's position is.

Even Trump supporters who've backed the president so far, and who might even support a wall, don't see why federal employees should be deprived of pay for a month. A poll released Thursday found that Trump's support is slipping among demographics that are usually loyal to the president, including evangelicals and non-college educated white men.

In a CNN segment, host Poppy Harlow described how frustrated Trump's supporters are. Referencing a Washington Post report, she quoted a former Trump supporter from Macomb County, Michigan, which helped flip the state to Trump in 2016.

"There was great piece in the Washington Post that talks about important places like Macomb County, Michigan, which he flipped from blue to red," Harlow said.

“I was doing fine with him up until this government shutdown,” Jeremiah Wilburn, a 45-year-old operating engineer, told the Post.

“It’s ridiculous. You’re not getting the wall built for $5 billion. And Mexico is not paying for it, we all know that, too. Meanwhile, it’s starting to turn people like me away.”

"How concerned should the President be about that?" Harlow wondered. "And will Republicans stand steadfast with him on this?"

"This is not a strong political position to be in," observed White House reporter Toluse Olorunnipa, noting that even supporters of the wall don't approve of a shutdown. "He campaigned as a dealmaker."