Trump supporter melts down in self-pitying op-ed: 'White men are the most discriminated against group of people'
A Trump supporter threatens to burn down Revolution Books in Berkeley, California (Screen cap).

The Tennessean has published an editorial by a Trump supporter named Ryan Moore who claims white men who support the president are "the most discriminated against group of people" living in the United States today.

At the start of his editorial, Moore bitterly complains that anonymous people on social media websites have said mean things about him when they see a photo of him in his "Make America Great Again" hat.

"Many people have wished me dead, made threats and often call me racist simply because I support the wall and the President of the United States," he writes.

Moore then pivots to what he sees as the single biggest problem in America today: Racial injustice directed against white men.

"White men are the most hated and discriminated against group of people in the United States now," he writes. "If you don’t believe that, you simply aren’t paying attention or looking at it objectively."

In reality, statistics compiled by American law enforcement officials show that hate crimes targeting both black Americans and Jews in 2017 both outnumbered the total number of hate crimes that targeted white people, despite the fact that there are vastly more white people as a percentage of the population than there are blacks and Jews.

Moore concludes his op-ed by calling liberals to be more tolerant of white Trump supporters -- and then says that he relishes making them angry by wearing his MAGA hat.

"I truly would like everyone to be civil and respectful to one another, but I must admit in one way I get a kick out of the hate I get from liberals by wearing my MAGA hat -- it shows either they misunderstand or they’re just closed-minded, hateful and intolerant," he writes.

Read the whole editorial here.