Trump told GOP senators he's 'winning' on wall and is 'determined not to budge': CNN's Dana Bash
President Donald Trump speaks to the media after addressing Senate Republicans/Screenshot

President Donald Trump held a closed-door meeting with Republican senators, where he claimed that he’s “winning” the shutdown fight, reports CNN’s Dana Bash.

While the Republican Senators were respectful, according to sources, Trump was pushed to bring the shutdown to a close.

"The president was in this private meeting with Senate Republicans who were really—respectfully, in the words of Senator Murkowski—giving him a tough time, challenging him on the fact that the government should be re-opened by negotiations continued, and he was absolutely flat-out saying 'no way,'" Bash said. "One senator I spoke to who asked that the identity not be discussed because it was a private meeting, said the president was determined not to budge and indicated no interest in compromising."

Trump is not looking for a way out, that anonymous GOP senator said.

"He believes he is winning politically," Bash said, quoting the senator. "This Senator said to me that every Republican has to stick together, that was the president's message."

Watch below.