Trump trade war causes stock to plummet and commodity prices to 'crater' for America's largest meat processor
Farmer with Milk Can (Shutterstock).

President Donald Trump's trade war has caused some pain at Tyson Foods, the largest meat processor in the world which is based in Arkansas.

China and Mexico both put retaliatory tariffs on beef, chicken and pork imports after Trump pulled out of the old trade agreements and began hardline negotiations with the world's second-largest economy and our neighbors to the north and south.

Axios writes that Trump's trade policies have caused meat prices to "crater" as the "uncertainty" of tariffs and its reliance on both Mexico and Canada in its operations has hit its brands, which include Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean and Ball Park.

Tyson’s stock has plummeted 25% in the past year and 18% since Election Day 2016.

Tyson's CFO, Stewart Glendinning, is not expecting things to change soon.

"There will be more pressure on chicken and pork," he said.

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