Trump will be 'crippled' in 2019 by coming flood of subpoenas looking into his personal finances: NYT columnist
'New York Times' contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali on MSNBC (screengrab)

Investigations into President Donald Trump's personal finances will "cripple" the administration in 2019, New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali explained on MSNBC on Saturday.

"I think the financial trail, it's nerdy work, but that is going to I think cripple Donald Trump," Ali predicted. "Because you have his right hand man, Michael Cohen, who named him as individual one who helped coordinate and direct the campaign finance violation, the alleged campaign finance violation."

"Look Donald Trump loves "Game of Thrones," he noted. "Subpoenas are coming."

"They're going to be the financial trail to Russia, the financial trail to Saudi Arabia, the Deutsche Bank connection ... and also, let's not forget the Foreign Affairs Committee and they're going to find out about this Trump property in Panama -- that's another scandal that nobody knows about," he explained.

"And I think it's going to add to the specter of a president who is corrupt, who is using and abusing his presidency, who is using his presidency as an ATM and it's going to cripple him leading up to 2020," Ali concluded.